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A Premium Version of Tableau Public

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I love Tableau public. It's been a fantastic tool for me to create content for clients as well as my own personal blog. However, I would be happy to pay for the service in exchange for some enhanced features. Like better performance/ more server control, allowing extensions to be embedded, self hosting, removing the tableau logo in the toolbar (adding my own!), in depth analytics etc. And I would be happy to pay for this service.


Unfortunately, the only other online services Tableau offers requires a Tableau login in order to view the viz. And the only way to get around this is getting a core license for over $70,000!


Going even further, I think that getting revenue from a paid version of public might even create an incentive to make features specifically for data journalists. Animations, links in text, crawl-able text, embedly integration, etc. Seriously the number of features you can add specifically for the public market go on and on.


Basically, I have a laundry list of features I would like added to the public experience. I accept the fact that I don't get everything I want for a free tool. So I am asking you to take my money in exchange for a more premium experience!


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