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Tableau Server Administration -- Analyze Calculations and Datasources

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It would be a HUGE help if Tableau released a tool or built something into Tableau server that allowed an admin to click a button and have every calculation run with a dataset output created that shows how long each calculation took to run.  Basically you would end up with a dataset that looks like the example below.  A couple of uses for this would be:

  1. Prior to performing a server upgrade this tool could be run in an identical test environment.  You could then compare the results between production and test to identify potential issues before upgrading.  If a calculation time drastically changes, it would signal that investigation is needed before upgrading.
  2. We could use this dataset to identify workbooks that have a large number of potentially unused calculations.  For example what if we found one workbook with 200 calculations.  We could engage with that business team and have them delete some of the unused calculations.
  3. It would provide valuable insights to the business users/creators in that they could see which calculations could be slowing down their reports.
  4. This would be a great way to start cataloging the content on the Tableau server.  If every field were added and not just calculations we could do things like:
    1. Document what datasources/workbooks supply a particular sales metric
    2. If a field like product department changes in the database we could find every workbook and project that uses it
    3. Create collaboration across teams that are using the same data for similar reports


145Sales by PeriodOracle_monthly_salesYoY_Comp_Sales5.235
145Sales by QuarterOracle_quarter_salesYTD_Sales_Amounts2.154
152Inventory LevelsSQL_InventoryCurrent_Month_Levels1.23
212QA AuditsExcel_QACustomer_Survey_Count3.2654
212QA AuditsExcel_QASecret_Shopper_Count3.28478


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