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Custom Views Function For Viewer License       [Released 2019.2]

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For the users holding viewer license using Tableau Server, they can interact with the dashboard by applying filters on it, but they can't bookmark their own filter set using "Custom Views". I know that "Custom Views" function only available for Creator and Explorer license holder.

The idea is some viewer users just want to have a quick filtered view of his/her own interest area and they will never edit the dashboard content.


Would that be possible to extend that particular function to viewer license holder? This would be much more user friendly.



Ken L.




----> Community Manager Update: This idea was 'Released' with 2019.2 release of Tableau
         Special thanks to Andrew Kritzer and team for their hard work on this feature - and thank you to everyone who commented and voted!


          Download the latest version of Tableau here: Tableau Desktop | Tableau Software     

                    -- Amanda Boyle, Tableau Community Manager


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