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Wildcard Pivot (in Tableau Prep)     [Released. 2019.1.1]

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I receive weekly sales spreadsheets from multiple customers in a crosstab format (with dates as columns), using Tableau Prep to combine the different files with each other and historical files into a single data source. I love the wildcard union functionality and new sheets wildcards.


Some form of column wildcard for pivots would be invaluable here. Currently, I have to add fields to the pivot everytime the flow is run with a new file.


Two options I can think of would be a standard wildcard match for pivoted fields (in my case with a date format such as *-*-*), or, since this format of table is so common in spreadsheets, a date data type wildcard (so it would match all headers interpreted as dates).




--> Released in version 2019.1.1 January 10th 2019

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