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Add scalable map overlays

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Idea: Part A: Make it possible to make the size of shapes on maps maintain their relative size with the scale of the map

         Part B: Add the ability to overlay an image or shape file on a map per lat / long coordinates.


Part A: Problem trying to solve: I need to be able to show coverage area of a product concept and when the Server user zooms in/out that the shape will maintain its size relative to the geographic features.


My attempt:  1) I created a calculated field and changed it to an Attribute, 2) Dragged the attribute to the Marks for Size, 3) Edit size in the Card

However, when I zoom in and out, the size of the circles on the map stay the same regardless of the scale of the map, thus do not show accurate "coverage area" for the end user.


Part B: We have "shape files" that show the actual coverage from radio stations which are impacted by obstacles such as tall buildings and mountains, thus are not perfectly circular - and very irregular. It would be great to overlay these image files on the map from a reference lat / long coordinate. They would have to scale with the map, as stated in Part A. We would need to be able to pull in a list of up to 1500 of such shape files for stations around the world.


I am a Program Manager working to implement Tableau in the workplace to provide insightful analysis and distribute information to our global team.


Thank you in advance, Heidi!


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