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Add PDF and CSV export to Subscriptions

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Please add the ability to send a PDF or CSV file with a subscription.


We have multiple cases where we have mobile users who need access to certain reports when they may not be able to get direct access to Tableau.  We also tend to send reports to our customers and being able to send out a CSV with their report would be beneficial. Also allow Core-Based licenses to send subscriptions to email addresses as well as registered users in the system. I know it is possible as it can be done with tabcmd.


Currently if we want to send exports of a pdf or csv, we have to use tabcmd and script the export with a batch file or third party software in order to export the file, then pick it up and email it.


We are trying to move away from SQL08 reporting server and sending subscriptions via any email with a pdf or csv would allow us to move away from this.


-->Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

Also refer to related Idea #1958  Subscribe a report in other format - liked Excel, PDF or even an Image


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