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Addition of "Data Source" Field on Tableau Public

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What is your idea?

Add an optional (i.e., authors are not required to enter a value) "Data Source" or "Source" field to the details of a Tableau Public workbook.


What problem are you trying to solve or what scenario would this idea solve?

While it's a best practice for Tableau authors to include the name and/or URL to the source(s) of their data in their Tableau workbook, it's frequently not included in those hosted on Tableau Public. As Tableau Public initiatives like Makeover Monday, Tableau's Hackathons, etc. become more popular, it would be beneficial to know where authors are sourcing their data. This not only allows for better vetting, but could expose the Tableau community to new sources of data for visualizations. The addition of an optional "Data Source" or "Source" field obviously won't fix the issue entirely, but it should encourage more authors to cite their sources when publishing.






After the information has been entered and saved, it would then appear in the "More Detail" section at the bottom of the page.


What workaround have you found and used so far (if any)?

Add the name and/or URL of the data source(s) to the dashboard (as a text object) of a Tableau workbook.


What is your role in your organization?

I'm a Data Analyst.


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