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Native Tableau Connector for Azure Data Lake

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Idea: Create a Native Connector from Tableau to Azure Data Lake (ADL)


Data is beginning to migrate to cheaper and more scale-able systems.  Tableau needs to support these namely Microsoft Azure Data Lake.  Power BI is able to connect to this today (obviously as both products are made by Microsoft).  Tableau is going to quickly fall behind if it relies on Third Party Vendors wanting to charge additional fees to connect.


Tableau Page for how to connect to ADL:

Microsoft Azure


Which takes you to this signup page:


And asks you to email a Vendor who will follow up when they have a solution in place...This is not going to work.


From a technical perspective it will be possible (once the Vendor develops it) but there are too many hoops to jump through and it is not viable today.  Customers are going to look at Power BI and it's native connector and run with it for ADL use cases.  This is a significant gap and the Third Party Vendor route is not a good solution.


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