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Please make a  FAQ Solutions  site that focuses on common real life usage of Tableau.

This is different from current help pages that focus on available features.



It could be done in  Wikipedia  or  Online Help  style.

Don't update every solution with every new release. It will be way too costly.

Update what is most needed. Keep users expectations realistic in this regard.

Integration with the forum is a signal that it shouldn't be considered a part of the official product documentation.

Start small, for example with forum documents. Thereafter grow and adapt to feedback.



It will not reach a high enough standard with volunteers, not because they don't have the skills, but because it is limited how much time they can and will work for free. Therefore it is a must that this is (at least mainly) written by paid workers, that is, employees and freelancers who are in touch with what users struggle with.

Basing it on paid efforts doesn't exclude donations in form of well-written solutions from volunteers.



Begin immediately by ...

Technology:                ... looking into what platforms would be good
Content:... sharing FAQ solutions in this forum now



It will help Tableau users a lot to learn and use Tableau and be a great complement to the community.

It will also help Tableau to improve their products since many FAQs are related to missing and poor features.

It will make it more fun to help in the forum since we humans have a need for novelty.



Findablility. Relevancy. Usefulness.



Number of questions being linked and not linked to a FAQ Solutions page.



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