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Comments on Tableau Conference Live Sessions --- Or another way for perpetual audience/presenter interaction

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I am a huge fan of tclive, I think I have watched almost every recorded session on tclive, and I often find myself thinking of a question or a comment....


It would be cool if I could ask these questions, provide ideas, and general feedback directly to the presenters.... so the obvious solution (at first) is to just add a comment box. Think of it as a perpetual extension to the Questions portion found at the end of each session. This way the presenters could use this exchange of information to improve their presentations for the next time around. ...and who knows, maybe the audience and presenters will end up co-generating entirely new topic ideas for presentations.


As I was writing this I realized that many of the same sessions are found on youtube and are therefore have comments.. ...So maybe tclive doesn't have enough traffic to warrant the cost of implementation. But this can be done nearly for free... just have the presenters upload the sessions to their own personal accounts (so they can manage the discussions) and add a link to each video on tclive. a shareholder I feel it is my duty to try and improve everything Tableau


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