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Additional Dynamic Set Functionality

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It would be extremely powerful if CONDITIONAL Dynamic SET functionality was expanded.   For example, you have employees all working on multiple projects, and for any given selected project you would like to see the list of employees assigned to that project, but you would also like to answer the question of what other projects they are working on.   This may be because all of a sudden a given project becomes urgent and all priority is given to it and you want to see the impact to other projects by pulling resources.


This can be done today ad hoc through sets by clicking on the project and creating a set of those employees and REMOVING the Project Dimension so it is a SINGLE dimension set of employees.    By then adding it to the filter shelf it will also show all the other projects they are working.  See attached workbook in which these sets were manually created. This method however is STATIC and the set data quickly becomes obsolete as employees change projects or come and go.    Today there is no possible way to create this set by way of formula, mainly because conditional set formulas require the expression in aggregate form, but there are many projects per Employee, so this is not possible.


But it would be great if we were able to create a dynamic set so that they would be pre-configured to work for any selected project, maybe do similar as the LOD schema syntax.  This would exponentially add to the analytical capability of Tableau.   I envision it would look something like:


{ fixed  [SELECT PROJECT] : set ( [Employee ID] ) }


This resulting calc would become a dynamic SINGLE DIMENSION set (Employee ID in this case) based on the project SELECTED.  So the sets calc is in/out SELECTED projects.


OR alternatively if not done by an LOD type syntax, but rather by modifying the existing Set creation capability by the  "condition" tab and using a formula with a non aggregate calc.  eg. Set of [Employee ID]  on condition where [Project] = 'abc'.   This is not possible today as non aggregation calcs are not allowed and there could be more than one project per employee id.    This option would be less desirable than an LOD form because an expression for each possible Project value would have to be created.  Only one expression would be needed by the LOD form to cover all the projects.   But also the LOD form would not really be a concrete set, but rather a conditional set based on the selection of projects.


I'm sure many would be thrilled to have LODs of Sets


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