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IsInside() and PercentInside() calculations for geometries and geographic groups

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Especially with Tableau 10.2's ability to connect to spatial files along with the previously released functionality to create custom territories, it would be very helpful to be able to be able to calculate whether a location falls within a given geometry or territory.  There are many use cases:


  • How many leads fall within my sales region?
  • How many new houses are being built in certain zip codes?
  • What are my best customers that are outside my territory?
  • etc...
  • etc...


I would envision a simple calculation that would allow me to simply pass in the geometry, a latitude & longitude and get back a TRUE/FALSE:

IsInside([geometry], [Lat], [Lon])


Having this as native functionality in Tableau would prevent me from having to resort to other tools or prepping the data on the front end.


And, while I'm sure it's harder, being able to get a percent of area that inside a territory (e.g. how much of a certain zip code is contained in my sales region) would be awesome!


PercentInside([geometry], [zip])






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