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Date Parameter UI - (ex: Holidays in Red)

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Allow us to customize our Calendar.

A custom Date Parameter can give a look-n-feel as that of a real calendar. We should be able to logically modify it.


For ex.

1) Color Weekend: Saturdays & Sundays turn red,

2) Public Holiday: Pick a date to be displayed as red,

3) Hover: On/Off a hover text on a date (mouse hover on Jan 16th -> Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

4) Start Day: Be able to choose if a week starts from Monday (and not Sunday)

5) Hide weekends: Be able to hide saturdays / sundays while retaining this calendar view.




The more our end users depend on a Calendar (Date Parameter), they want to see it visually appealing and realistic.

Calendar should reveal, which days should have underlying data points.

Of course, this should be a top-up feature, and I want to retain all the existing calendar features.








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