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Animated graph on Tableau public (Re-creation of Hans Rosling best states) 200 years 200 countries in less than 5 minutes.

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Video link for the reference:


Hi Guys,


Recently, i've explored nice Animated visualisation using Tableau desktop however i was unable to upload that on tableau public. It seems that Tableau public does not have the feature for Page Shelf to be included.


Since Tableau has the capabilities to deal with these kind of nice visualisation effects, i am wondering how this feature not included on Tableau public.(Anyways, i strongly believe that there might be a strong reason for it.)


Hence, in order to showcase the Tableau capabilities i've made a video on youtube, kindly have a look by clicking on the link provided above:




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Let me tell you that this interesting feature can prove to be a nice selling point. Hence i would request you to please include this important feature as well on tableau public.



Ayush varshney

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