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Return row spacing in 9.3 back to original spacing (9.2, 9.1, 9.0, etc.) on Tableau Server

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The Issue

There is too much spacing between rows on the Tableau Server main menu object pages (Content, Users, Groups, Schedules, Tasks, Status, Settings).



As an administrator I want to see as much information on the page as possible.  This is primarily to reduce scrolling through pages of content, either by mouse wheel scrolling or by paging up/down by clicking on the scroll bar.  The current implementation in 9.3 is a step backwards in productivity.



This seems silly...why was this done?  Just for the sake of making it look different?   From this thread:  Is there a setting to adjust the row spacing (verticle spacing)?



Return the spacing back to how it was OR else give us the ability to change the spacing ourselves to suit OUR needs (like a tabadmin command).


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