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Tableau Desktop for Server

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Please make a special version of Tableau Desktop available for post-analysis of Tableau Server dashboards.

This license should not cost extra but be included in current price of Server.



This is more about willingness (seeing that the benefits are much greater than the cost) than technology.

As for technology, I assume most of the technology already is in place with Desktop for Public and Online.

What this has less than Desktop is that it is limited to Server based dashboard connections.

What this has more than Desktop is that it is built into Server (open View Data in Desktop with 1-click).



To give dashboard consumers more powerful post-analysis options

To allow Tableau Server users to use Tableau Desktop (which is much more powerful for analysis)

Out-compete Excel as preferred post-analysis tool of Tableau Server

Stay in the flow via tight 1-click integration

Easy to secure data via permissions in Server

Easy access to data (1-click)



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