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Control ability to export to Excel in Tableau Server through permissions

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My idea is that I would like to be able to control the ability both exporting underlying data and cross tabs from Tableau Server views/dashboards through permissions.

Exporting to excel is a major security concern for some data sources we are using.  On the other hand we have other dashboards that benefit greatly from being able to export data to excel.


Rather than taking the nuclear option and shutting it off for everyone on everything, it would be nice if it was controlled with permissions at the project, workbook or user-level.


We will probably be shutting it off as we are developing complex connections to sensitive and high-investment databases, but it would be nice if at some point in the future we could turn on exporting for less sensitive data supported dashboards.


Even if you can never imagine a world where you cannot export even a small crosstab and would never use this potential feature, please support it because it may provide critical business value for others in a similar situation to us.


Thank you.


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