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Better Export to Excel

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I thought it might be worth a shot.


I'm relatively new to Tableau still - about four months in - and whilst I love it, it's become fairly obvious that the export to Excel could be very significantly improved. As an example: we have a client service that provides us with data - an export of 4 million cells from their web portal took about 90 seconds for the browser to copy the contents to the clipboard, and then me to paste the clipboard into Excel. Exporting the same data in the same shape as a worksheet from Tableau took about 7 minutes. It feels intuitively wrong that a browser should be able to parse and process that request several times faster than Tableau could.


The following features would be great:


+ The option to disable formatting at will regardless of export size, to speed up the process.

+ The option to disable merged cells and have Tableau intelligently auto-fill the required information, to avoid time intensive post-export manual editing.

+ The option to export single panes of data rather than entire worksheets, and most importantly

+ The option to export to an open worksheet (as currently exists) or to background save as a .xls, so for large exports we can set it in motion and not worry about it interrupting or failing if we try to use Excel whilst it's processing. We have Tableau because we work heavily with data in many shapes - Tableau frequently, but Excel more so. It's a fairly large hole in our productivity when Excel usage is interrupted because we have to wait for a Tableau export to complete.


For data-centric software good inter-operability with Excel feels like a hygiene factor. It's jarring and disappointing that this otherwise absolutely excellent program is lacking in this regard.


Many thanks,




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