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Drivers? We don't need no stinking drivers (Partially Released after 10.0 onwards)

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I kind of hope that this is a duplicate of an Idea that someone has already posted before. But just in case it isn't...


Tableau makes it easy to connect to your data, pretty much regardless of what kind of system it lives in: SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, Impala, CSV, whatever. But for many of these systems, users hit an unnecessary bump when they attempt to connect to a platform--Tableau tells them that they do not have the driver necessary to connect to it! They are instead referred to the Drivers page, which is somewhat helpful...but the process entails:


1) Going to the page

2.) Picking the correct driver

3.) Installing it


Talk about getting you out of your analytic flow! It would really pay to not bother the user with trifling details about their drivers, when all they want to do is get to their data.


How about, instead:


  • Include the most commonly needed drivers in the installer, thus avoiding the prompt entirely in many cases
  • When a missing or out-of-date driver version is found (only when the user attempts to connect to a database that requires it), the pop up could notify the user of that fact, then provide two choices:
    • Automatically download and install the best match driver for their needs (and then, once complete, bring them to where they were in the Connection process)
    • Go to the drivers page, which provides additional drivers for them to peruse
    • Cancel (okay, three choices)


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