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Kerberos support for enterprise dbs (ver 10.5)

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Please extends the Kerberos support for other major enterprise database:



  1. Strong authentication protocol
  2. No password on wire
  3. Enterprise need.  No exception needed from IT/Security teams
  4. Single Signon
  5. & many others



Tableau started Kerberos support with version 8.3 which is a step in right direction but it was disappointing to see no new data source support in version 9.0 release.  Kerberos is very critical piece of infrastructure and widely used by other products in most of the enterprises so Tableau supporting it helps in faster adoption across the firm.




Blog courtesy of Neelesh Kamkolkar

Extending Enterprise Security with Kerberos Support: Now in Beta! | Tableau Software


Document courtesy of John Speare

Enable Kerberos Delegation for Hive/Impala


Document courtesy of Mike Pope

Enabling Kerberos Delegation for PostgreSQL



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