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Calendar Layout for traditional view of dates

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Calendar Layout for traditional view of dates -- an idea for Tableau v 10.0 !


Similar to mapping, only the map layers are different calendars. Enable showing data (as dots, bars, icons, etc.) on and across a traditional calendar layout. Options would include:

  • Display name of day of week (e.g. Tuesday) or not with the date.
  • Start week with day of choice (with default to Sunday or Monday).
  • Display only certain days of the week or months of the year. (For example, to compare foot traffic in a store T-W-Th only).
  • Ability to set a time period (e.g. a fiscal year that starts May 1st).
  • Display/hide/shade standard holidays as well as custom ones.
  • Zoom In/Out: From single day layout to several selected days, to a single week layout to multiple weeks, to a single month layout to multiple months, to a single year layout to multiple years.


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