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Add option to hide worksheet titles if no marks

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When building guided analytics dashboards, you typically use filter actions that exclude all values when you clear the selection. Then if you follow best practices and insert context information about the action filter into the target worksheet title, you end up with titles that look crummy when no items are selected in the source worksheet.


Titles like "None items related to None using None"


This does not look very professional, even if it looks great when someone selects something in the source sheet. I know there are somewhat tedious workarounds using sheet swapping, but that wastes a lot of time and effort just to make the title vanish when there are no marks in the worksheet.


So my suggestion is:

Add a checkbox to the title dialog box, where we can specify to "Hide title when worksheet has no marks".


Just like Tableau 9 added a checkbox to the tooltip dialog box where we can choose between a couple of tooltip behaviors.


Seems like it would be a simple addition, and would be helpful to lots of users who would struggle with the workarounds.


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