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Enable Level of Detail calculation to be computed across all viz dimensions: Add option for always excluding the viz dimensions in EXCLUDE Level of Detail Calculations

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A situation I run into regularly is that I want to show the result of an aggregation across all the data in the current viz. For example, putting the minimum and maximum of whatever date dimension I'm using in the title, caption, tooltip, label, etc. in the viz. I can build this using a TOTAL(), WINDOW_MIN/MAX, etc. or in Tableau v9 using an LOD calculation. Table calcs add complexity because they require knowledge of partitioning and addressing, while LOD calcs require specifying the dimensions of the aggregation. Also, FIXED LOD calcs are computed prior to dimension & regular aggregate filters, so they require knowledge of Tableau's order of operations.


What I'd like is an option on LOD calcs that will compute a single result across the dimensions in the viz that is excluding all dimensions in the viz while being computed after dimension & regular aggregate filters have been applied.


One way to think of this is:


{EXCLUDE * : MIN([myDate])}


So instead of having to specify all the dimensions for exclusion Tableau would dynamically do that based on the dimensions in the view. I'd expect this to exclude all dimensions on each Marks Card if there were multiple and had different granularities.


This would enable me to generate those summaries without having to specify the granularity twice in each view (once from the pills in the view, and a second time in setting up the table calculation or LOD calc).


See also:


- Summary statistics available to titles, captions, etc.


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