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Aggregated View Data Views

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Please allow us to design aggregated data views which are available in a similar way as view data.



It makes it possible to give Server dashboard consumers data exports in a form that fits their need

It reduces the need to aggregate, remove, and reorder columns in Excel

It makes it possible to control exportable level of detail

It makes it easier to analyse data in Excel

It makes it easier to use Excel as a complementary reporting tool

It lessens the need for a reporting tool in Tableau

It reduces the need to make big data sheets in Tableau (intended for export)

It makes it possible to disallow export of detail data while allowing fine-tuned exports of aggregated data  (Inspired by)


How to Consume

View data gets a drop-down list of options when custom view data views are available as shown below:

Aggregated View Data Views - How to Consume.png

How to Author

A new right-click option is made available for making custom data views as shown below:

Aggregated View Data Views - How to Author.png


The editing itself will be a normal Tableau text table where authors



  • add/remove filters, because these must be the same as in parent worksheet
  • and of course neither do any change in regard to data source(s) that affects underlying data


but can

  • add/remove dimensions and measures
  • define order of columns
  • define custom sorting
  • format (numbers)
  • perhaps: add context via data blending assuming it can't affect underlying data


and of course also

  • add/remove custom data views
  • copy (save as) so one can create new custom data views using others as starting point
  • name/rename custom data views


but also

  • allow dashboard consumers to author custom data views (if permission is granted)
  • add indicator on worksheet tab when it contains custom data views


As for consumption, it would be nice if Server View Data Views had 1-click-options for opening interesting findings in external tools such as Excel, LibreOffice Calc and Tableau Desktop! and thus  make it easy for users to do their own post-analysis.


Of course,  Desktop has to be affordable before it becomes a realistic option for infrequent ad-hoc post-analysts.

In this regard, you might also like to up-vote  Tableau Desktop for Server.



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