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“Web Data Connector” for Tableau Public (Released in 9.1)

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In the Data Preparation section of the Tableau conference keynote, someone demonstrated that a new “Web Data Connector” (REST API and JSON) was in development. Please include this in Tableau Public. When blogging, it would be hugely helpful to be capable of posting a resource that would update automatically, particularly within my blog's focus, sports analysis.


I've got APIs that can mine a sports league's data regularly, and I'd love to set up a Tableau Dashboard that would link directly to the API without my having to load the updated API to a CSV or xlsx, refresh my dashboard, then save the dashboard every single time.


Of course, there's a potential downside to this idea, as the API might misfire and break the Dashboard during one of these auto updates. Blocking the saving of the dashboard and automatically emailing the dashboard owner upon the occurrence of this problem would be welcome counter-measures.


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