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Linked Parameters - Selecting one Parameter affects another Parameter

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Current Situation

My team has a bar chart with three dimensions in columns and a single measure being used as the length of the bars. Our feedback from users is that they would like to be able to choose the values in these columns. This is reasonably simple to do using parameters, so we implemented this functionality. Now users can choose which dimensions go into these dimension columns.


Our Problem

Due to the nature of the information presented in the table, certain values could go in multiple columns based on which values were previously selected, and certain values are not relevant to the data based on prior selections.


For example, our data is dealing with jobs running on a server. A column "Run ID" could either be the first column and detail could be displayed about each step that job completed or a user could sort by status, wanting to see all failed jobs put together, and then sort those by Run ID in the second column. Both ways are valid, so Run ID should be a part of both parameters. However, if Run ID is selected in the first column, there is no way to temporarily remove it from the second column.


Alternatively, there are two classes of jobs: system (from the mainframe into a data warehouse) and consumer (from the warehouse to internal consumers of the data). If a user selects a system column in the first or second column, the "Consumer Name" column isn't relevant and shouldn't be displayed in the third column, but that isn't possible either.


Ultimately, we have to trust that our end users will be smart enough to understand this layout, and as we all know, users can be...less than intelligent when it comes to handling software/dashboards. As is always said, make something idiot-proof and someone will make a better idiot. :-)


Ideal Solution

Implement a way to link parameter values to other parameters on the same worksheet or dashboard.



I know people will link to the crazily popular idea ( that already has almost 1000 positive votes, but my suggestion is different. He talks about dynamically pulling values from an external source, I'm talking about changing one parameter's value based on another parameter. Similar end result, but different functionality, and the internal code to implement this would actually be almost completely different, which is why I think it warrants a different suggestion.


Context Parameters:

If Parameters could be added to context then the temp table can be created by tableau and it will show more relevant and accurate results when using LOD


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