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Extract children

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Please make it possible to add children to extracts.



Internally in Tableau, children are normal individual extracts.

Dashboard authors experience parent & children as a single unit.

Only parent connects to data. Children "connect" to parent extract so to say.

Desktop interface allows children to be added under parent extract.

Workbooks connect to parent extract.

Worksheets can connect to any child and of course also parent.

Calculated fields and more can be added to children.

Parent is extracted first.

Probably asking too much: View data from parent is available when connected to a child.


Here is an example of a parent with 4 children:


ParentOrdersDeepestNoneAllView Data
ChildOrders: This Year and Last YearDeepestRelative periodAllPerformance
ChildOrders: Aggregated per Customer and Order DayCustomer, Order DayNoneAllBins, Blends
ChildOrders: Aggregated by Order MonthOrder MonthNoneAllPerformance
ChildOrders: Team ADeepestNoneFewSecurity



  1. Better performance with smaller datasets (aggregated and or subsets)
  2. Mini ETL (server extract flow of extracts that build upon bigger extracts)
  3. Less time to transfer data from source to Tableau Server (only parent is connected to a data source)
  4. Combine summarized "big data" with other data for advanced analysis
  5. Fewer files to administrate & document (only one)
  6. Less code to maintain (children inherit data from parent, but might have calculations of their own)
  7. Consistency (children inherit defaults, aliases, colors, etc from parent)
  8. Security. See more in  Can you create a TDE based upon a TDE?


This could possibly also be used for this challenge:


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