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Synchronize Sheets on Dashboard for Scrolling Purposes

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It would be great to have the option to synchronize multiple sheets on a dashboard for scrolling purposes.  A lot of our sheets are based on large date ranges by quarter.  We have data that can go as far back as 10 years.  Typically, 8 quarters (2 years) worth of data is selected to view at one given time.  The option of synchronizing multiple sheets on the dashboard so that when you need to scroll right to view more data on sheet A the exact same scroll happens on sheet B so that you are still viewing the same date ranges on both sheets.  I've attached an example of one of our views.  I created two sheets, one to represent Amount Paid and the other to represent the total Units.  The parameters allow the user to see multiple views of the amount paid and units against one another.  This is used to see if units have an influence on total dollar amount paid.  In this example, you can see that the number of quarters selected is a lot and, therefore, a scroll bar is needed to view prior quarters.  If there were an option to 'sync' multiple sheets' scroll bars so that when the user is scrolling to the right on the "Amount Paid" sheet the "Unit # Difference" scrolls to the right as well.  This would be more user friendly and more visually appealing.



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