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Rapid-response Tooltips (Partially Released in 9.1)

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Tableau's tooltips are often cumbersome relative to D3 and other implementations.


The main issue may be that Tableau's tooltips have a dual purpose: 1) provide additional details on the mark and 2) allow users to select actions, such as filtering, viewing data or clicking on a hyperlink.


A few of my problems:

1. Tooltips don't update instantly as you move across marks. Instead you need to briefly pause on each mark, which prevents users from easily scanning tooltips for different marks or comparing values by going back and forth.


2. It's not easy to show tooltips for adjacent marks. In the below example, try to select Nevada after selecting California. Perhaps this is because users need to be able to move the cursor over the tooltip to perform actions. But if there are no actions on a tooltip, the tooltips should move with the cursor, similar to D3 or Google Charts.


3. It's sometimes difficult to determine which mark is selected. Google solves this problem by highlighting the mark border.


In general I wish Tableau's tooltip implementation was closer to the D3 or Google Charts implementation.


See a comparison of Tableau and Google Charts here:


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