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Custom Grouping

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I need to create custom groups for different dimensions that are critical for business purposes.

For example, I have a country dimension which as a list of all the countries. I would like to group countries in different groups, BUT some may need to be in multiple groups i.e. there is overlap



  • US
  • UK
  • CA
  • AUS
  • SWE
  • Other countries

Here are the custom groups I would like to have the ability to create

Custom groups

  • US = United States
  • UK + SWE + CA + AUS = International
  • US + CA = America
  • US + UK + SWE + CA + AUS + Other countries = Worldwide


Tableau shortcomings:

'Create Group..'  only allows 1 dimension value per group i.e. dimension values such as US CANNOT be in the United States group and also in the America group.

Calculated field..' In SQL I can do a case statement that would work fine but I can't use this in the calculated field. In tableau I need to use the IF ELSEIF--this method mutually excludes values.


I strongly suggest that Tableau enables users to have the ability to create custom groups whereby a dimension value can be in multiple groups WITHOUT mutually excluding values. It is critical and essential for business purposes and would appreciate if Tableau prioritized this particular



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