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Full keyboard access/shortcuts for more speed/accessibility

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Let's see full keyboard access to Tableau Desktop. Keyboard access to all the windows/panes/shelves, navigation between different areas, navigation to views and even marks (e.g., using a hotkey to access the view and tabs or arrow keys for going from mark to mark, and selecting marks, similar to the way one can navigate Windows Explorer), keyboard shortcuts within every menu (which is kind of spotty right now), menus that don't disappear until the user chooses to have them disappear (unlike the irritating quick filter customization menu).


Existing hotkeys are nice, but insufficient for power users to really go fast, especially through some of the clunkier menus (like formatting, quick filter settings, etc.). It also makes it darn near impossible to automate steps that I know I will do over and over again – that's possible through third-party macro creation. Lastly, it will make the software much more accessible to those of us who can't rely on a mouse to do most of our work because of physical issues (I use voice software because of past repetitive strain injuries and mousing is the least efficient way for me to use any software, including Tableau). Aside from this being a nice thing to do, it may help tableau with Section 508 compliance for federal government clients . (Section 508 requires accessibility for individuals with impairments.)


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