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Reset Filter Button in Tableau Dashboard

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Hi All,


I am not too sure if someone has already done it. However this was quite a demanding client requirement and with multiple attempts I was able to find a workaround for this.



Create a Reset button in the dashboard, clicking which all the selected filters will be reset.


Work around:

1- Create a separate sheet as "Reset".

2- Drag and drop the sheet into the dashboard.

3- Create an action as below:

          a: Keep source sheet as "Reset" sheet

          b: Keep destination sheet as all the sheets which needs to be shown on the dashboard.

          c: Under Target Filters select selected fields and add the filter coulmns as both source and destination field.

4- Save the action.


We can use Images for reset buttons also for better look and feel.


For a quick reference, I am also attaching a sample .twbx


Please advise if anyone has achieved this with some other approach. It will be really great to know.







Creating a button to reset all filters in a dashboard



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