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Educational Brain Teasers

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It would be educational and fun to have educational brain teasers easily accessible in the community forum.

The topics could include frequently asked questions, Tableau vocabulary, visual principles, Tableau features, chart types, visual history, and many other topics and angles.

It should be possible to choose degree of difficulty, topic, product, feature, random, and so forth, so it is fun for all.

Links are to quick start guides, knowledge base articles, and videos for each question in a more info button, which perhaps opens automatically when one's answer is incorrect.

It would be awesome if it also included spaced repetition as seen in applications as Anki. This feature is of course only available when one is logged on, because our answers must be saved, and should also be optional and deletable for privacy reasons.



It is educational
It relieves forum helpers  because those playing these games will have fewer frequently asked questions
It improves forum user's tableau literacy
It motivates and gives energy to learn  because questions make us curious and stimulate our desire to know the answer
It attracts more participation and contributions  because it is more fun to be in the forum
It acts as a daily tip in the form of a question  where the answer comes shortly after the question
It is



The brain teasers should be accessible in places where users ask questions, share ideas, and look for educational materials.



Perceptual Edge's Graph Design I.Q. Test is an example of an educational brain teaser.


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Ps. To Dustin. Since The Visual Tableau Dictionary is in the idea section, I wonder if this also should be there. Please move this idea to the Idea section if that is the proper section.


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