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Custom user interface language on Tableau Server

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Make it possible to translate the Tableau Server user interface to any custom language.



It should be optional for users to

- switch between languages at any time

- set their own default



I would like my users to interact on Tableau Server in their native spoken language rather than a foreign language such as English, but expect Faroese to stand far behind (probably last) in the line as the next supported language.


I believe there must be many other non-English speaking customers with the same need and therefore hope this idea gets some support (votes).


Having an option to translate the user interface ourselves is an excellent temporary solution. The translation can of course be shared with Tableau and thus make it easier to add more supported languages.


This is for Tableau Server, not Tableau Desktop, which I prefer in English, and I only desire to translate the consumer interface. My preference likely differ with other customers; therefore it is best if all the server user interface is available for translation.





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