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Easy Document Printing in Server - Enable "Set Print Area" of a Dashboard

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Often Tableau designers struggle to achieve two objectives - publishing an interactive, self-service dashboard, but also design it in such a way it can be easily converted/printed into a document. This is especially true with dashboards published to Tableau Server for organizational consumption.


When building an interactive self-service dashboard this means it will often include a combination of quick filters, parameters, or worksheet lists that are used in conjunction with the "Actions" feature. Those user controls are all nice features that enable the user to pick what they want to see on the dashboard but unfortunately they are automatically included when printing or exporting the dashboard.


Why not give the user the ability to "Set Print Area" (ala Excel) on a dashboard when it comes to printing to pdf or exporting an image? If the user wants exclude quick filters, parameters, or action lists from being printed, then they can place them in the inactive print area.


This would instantly make Tableau super-friendly and much more powerful for integrated dashboarding & document publishing in one shot.


One seemingly very easy way to do this is to let the user  do a vertical or horizontal split of the dashboard into 2 sections, where only one section would be active from a printing perspective. This could perhaps be done by integrating a ruler at the top and sides of dashboard (like MS Word) where the user can peg the location of a print area divider.


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