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Allow direct connection to published Hypers via Hyper API

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Idea: Allow a connection in the Hyper API to directly connect to a publish Hyper datasource on Tableau Server.


Use case: Our company has curated dozens of Hypers that are published to Tableau server for the use in dashboards in Tableau.  The data in the dashboards is so well received that we have requests to access the data directly.  These requests are not to create new dashboards, but to access the data either for applications or other analytics. 


Once specific example is we have some Customer On Time Delivery metrics calculated in a hyper file.  Those end calculations only exist in the Hyper and therefore in the dashboard consuming the Hyper.  There is a real need to be able to programmatically get the data from the Hyper for applications or other analytics.  The use case would be using Python and the Hyper API. Currently, I believe a workaround exists that you can call the REST API and download the TDSX file, change the extension to .ZIP, extract and then access the Hyper file.  This seems like a lot of overhead to get to the Hyper file. 


As far as the Hyper API is concerned, it looks to me like it was architected in such a way that this use case was foreseen .  All that would need to change would be allowing a URL in the endpoint and voila! Of course, I understand there are underlying security questions with this.


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