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Prep - Place Input Step where I drop it, not in the first available space on the far left

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When we add an Input step (i.e. by dragging a table or Custom SQL out from the Connections pane) Tableau Prep always places the Input step on the far left of the flow in the uppermost-available spot. Here's a GIF of this happening with the new Input step for Quota:


dropping input step.gif



This has a couple of issues:


a) When my intent is to place the step at a certain location (for example I'm joining in some supplementary information into the main part of my flow) Prep is actively contradicting my intent. Software that doesn't do what I want it to do is frustrating to use.

b) If I have a large flow and/or a small flow pane then the new Input step can be placed in a way that is not visible to the user. So I have to scroll to the left and move up & down until I find the step. This wastes time. Even worse for new users who are unfamiliar to Prep it's all too easy for them to think that the new step didn't actually get added (if they aren't paying attention to the configuration & profile panes) and end up doing multiple click & drags.


Please change the behavior so that the new Input step is placed where I want it to be.


A related idea for dropping copied & pasted steps(s) where I want them is


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