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Tooltip configuration defaults

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As we create more and more Tableau content, all of which contain a plethora of views, each and every chart's Tooltip has to be manually set to our organization's preferred standard

We set every view (that will have an active Tooltip) to:

  • Show Tooltips on Hover
  • De-selection of 'Include command buttons'   (this causes user confusion, and can be a data privacy risk)
  • De-selection of 'Allow selection by category'


As part of development, we strive to remember to set all of these.  As part of system test they are verified.  As part of UAT they are re-verified.  All this, because each view has three settings that must be manually changed.


Would like to see a configurable default for Tableau Desktop, so that all workbooks created use the organization's / developer's selected defaults for every Tooltip when a new View is created.

When I open Tableau desktop and connect to a data source and begin building, Tooltips for every view I create would default to our desired show on hover, command buttons off, and category selection off.    (or whatever YOUR organizations desired defaults are).


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