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Command Line Tool for Hyper Extracts

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I developed a tool called pantab which helps Python users very easily read/write Hyper extracts with minimal amounts of code:


As a developer, one of the more difficult things is that I do not have a good way to query the values stored inside of a Hyper extract. The only way currently to validate what is written to a Hyper extract that I am aware of is to open it in Tableau Desktop, but that may have its own interpretation rules that make it difficult to understand what is being stored.


As a concrete example, I was inadvertently writing missing timestamps as "0001-01-01" to Hyper extracts, which caused strange issues when trying to read them back in. However, everything looked OK in Tableau Desktop throughout this as it interpreted "0001-01-01" as NULL as well, though seemingly by mistake.


Having a command line tool to view the data in a Hyper extract would mitigate the risk of the above and aid third party extension developers immensely going forward.


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