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MS Office 365 Connectivity

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User Story: As a user I would like to connect Tableau to O365 apps like SharePoint/OneDrive/Azure in order to visualize my data.


Issue: Due to Tableau Desktop currently not supporting modern authentication this will not be possible anymore as soon as MS disables the feature that apps can still connect using the "traditional authentication". This will be an issue for all companies using O365 apps and Tableau together. Currently for SharePoint Online lists only a static password is supported which means that password has to be updated in all data sources when the Windows password is changed.


Demand: Tableau should support the modern authentication used by O365 apps.

Timeline from O365 Admins: Mid of 2020 HC disables all connections from apps not supporting modern auth. due to security reasons. Microsoft will block all connections from apps not supporting modern authentication in September 2020 according to our O365 Admins.

More Information on Modern Auth:




Jonas Toengi

Analyst Customer Engagement

HeidelbergCement AG


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