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Tableau Prep - Global Search

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Often I work with a complex flow and I want to find something quickly.  For example, I know that I've got a field Member Name, but I don't remember where in the flow it is - not even which output right off, so it takes a bit to even get to the right output, find the field and use the highlighting option to try to find it elsewhere in the flow.  Or maybe I know that I've got a step called Clean State Names but I just don't see it in the flow.  I want to find it.  Or maybe I've got a description somewhere that says "remove all CH fields", but the descriptions aren't expanded.


I'd like the ability to search globally for things - Steps, descriptions, fields, etc...

Please give me a global search along with some options to narrow the search by type of thing (step name, description, calculation, etc...) so that I can find applicable steps quickly.  Then highlight the applicable steps.  It would be amazing!



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