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Ability to apply Data Source's Fiscal Year Start to All Date Dimensions in Data Source

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Problem to Solve: For users that need to report dates on a non-calendar-based year ("Fiscal Year"), it can be cumbersome to apply a change to Fiscal Year Start to multiple date-type dimensions in a data source.


Existing Workarounds:

  • Changing "Fiscal Year Start" One Dimension At A Time. The current Help documentation (as of Version 2019.2) states: "For each date dimension, you set the fiscal year start-month separately. In the Data pane, right-click a date dimension (Ctrl-click on Mac), and select Default Properties > Fiscal Year Start." This is a cumbersome process if you have a data source with a meaningful number of date-type dimensions. Additionally, it can be difficult to audit/verify that each date dimension has been appropriately adjusted.


Idea: Within the Date Properties box for a given Data Source, add a checkbox or other form to enable a user to apply the data source's fiscal year start to all date-type dimensions in the data source. This would enable a user to quickly apply the change to many date-type dimensions rather than having to do it dimension-by-dimension. Additionally, it would serve as a way to verify that all date-type dimensions are using the same fiscal year start. Mock-up of the idea using Superstore Sample Data in screenshots below.



Fiscal Year Start - Current State.jpg Fiscal Year Start - Idea State.jpg

One other variation of my idea from the above mock-up would be to allow for more than two options such as: A) Default (none), B) Apply to all date-dimensions, C) Apply to selected date dimensions (choice C would then generate a list of date-type dimensions to quickly select).


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