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Higher Maximums for Following Creators on Tableau Public   [RELEASED]

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Currently you can follow a maximum of 500 creators on Tableau Public, but a much higher number (an unlimited number?) can follow any one person. I don't truly understand the imbalance, and 500 seems an artificially low number.


For instance, people who are active in the Tableau Public world have used the hashtag #TableauFF for the past three years to highlight new or less-well-known creators, which helps to broaden the collaborative and collegial elements of the practitioner community. That hashtag alone has been used to highlight more than 500 individuals.  If I simply wanted to follow only the people who had been identified by my fellow Public creators as deserving of a follow, I couldn't even do that.


The Public feed has improved over the past year or so, and allowing Public users to decide for themselves if they can keep up with following more than 500 people would be another welcome change.


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