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Tableau Idea/Feature... Market

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First of all, I must say I am big fan of Tableau Idea Section :
1/We have a place to suggest some features
2/Tableau read and take the ideas into account. For real. Ciara Brennan posts on every single idea to control and even do some research about it or poke a Tableau employee. I think it's quite unique in this industry.
3/It's full of great ideas. Really great.


But this is a forum and as a forum it reflects the voice of the community which may differs from the market : a lot of Tableau customers don't go to community, don't post and have THIS serious issue that they would pay 1000$ to be solved.


And here is my idea : a market for feature where customers can put money on the table for a feature. The money could help paying developers, PO, etc.. salary and improve Tableau customers (and not users ^^) satisfaction.


I don't know if it's a good idea, to be honest and it may be too complicated to be applied.


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