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Option to materialize an aggregation as an LOD so users can make simple LOD's without typing formulas.

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Level of Detail calculations induce headaches for many Tableau users. I think it would Tableau-ish if we could create simple LOD calcs without needing to mess with the formula editor. Since many calcs involving LOD are just aggregations from a different view, then it would seem that we could just add an option to "Make LOD Calculation" or "Make Fixed Calculation" in the drop down menu for on-shelf aggregations. After doing this, a new calculated field would appear in the data pane, exactly as if the user had just typed up the LOD calc fixed to the dimensions of the view. The user can then create a different view and use the LOD calc as normal.


Example: Say we have test score data with gender and age-group information.


Here are the average test scores of each gender in the data set. (view 1)



It could be nice to show these averages as reference lines in a different view, such as one in which the genders are sub divided into age bands. (view 2)



With my suggestion, this could be done by:

1. returning to view 1

2. right clicking AVG(Score)

3. Selecting: "Make LOD Calculation"

4. This would cause a new calculated field , {FIXED [Gender]: AVG([Score])} , to materialize in the measures section of the data pane.

5. The user then types the name of the calc (e.g. "GenderAvg")

6. Now the user can construct view 2 with the LOD calc as the value for the reference line, no formula editing necessary.


Note: If the user simply uses Average Line from the analytics pane, the average will be wrong if the age-bands are not equally distributed. This is the case in the data I am using:



Which is why the LOD is necessary.


Please bump this up if you like the idea.




(edit: not sure why that last image will not load. I keep trying to insert it, but it wont work. Here's a link to the twbx on Tableau Public )


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