• Resume Worthy

    Most of us have resumes and social media profiles such as LinkedIn to communicate our professional experiences, qualifications and accomplishments.   A résumé or resume is a document used by a pers...
    Patrick McCormick
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  • Starting a private user group in Canada

    I am hoping to start a company-specific Tableau User Group, and am wondering what the privacy landscape is like within Tableau Community. My questions are:   What is the difference between private, members only...
    Sarah Look
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  • Tapestry Conference 2018

    Tapestry is an event designed to advance interactive online data storytelling. Tapestry brings different viewpoints together with the goal of generating a rich conversation about data storytelling. This two-day confer...
    Jordan Scott
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  • You don't have time for last minute planning...

    This short blog is a real world example of a dad with 4 kids (1 precious baby daughter ), a full time job, running the User Group, and participating in lots of other activities throughout the week/month.  I am ex...
    Christopher Scott
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  • How are you handling licensing at your institution?

    At my company, a large university medical center with over 15K staff, we have a mixed environment where individual departments manage their own licenses (in their own portals) and the IT department manages some (IT ha...
    Mike Miller
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  • #TC18 TUG Party Tuesday Night

    Hi TUG Leaders -   You won't find this in the #TC18 app but there is a TUG Party on Tuesday night of conference!   There will be complimentary drinks and food. Invite all your members. Details and registra...
    Patrick McCormick
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  • Hi Leaders, Im a Ux person, Planning to learn Tableau, is it helpful for me along with ux skills ?

    Kindly help
    Gokulnath peethambaram
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  • New Day for Data User Group Meeting

    Hi All,   Curious if anyone has yet held or has their plan together for a "New Day for Data" user group meeting?  What types of speakers/presenters are you planning to pair with the PC/SC presentation by ta...
    Jennifer Hunter
    created by Jennifer Hunter
  • Your Presenter Is a No-Show. Now What?

    I'm sure this has happened (or will happen) to all TUG leaders at some point. I've compiled a list of things before and during the meeting that might help you in this situation. The key will be to relax.   Plea...
    Andy Piper
    created by Andy Piper
  • Creating Attendee Name Badges with Company Logos

    Hello everyone -   For every Madison TUG meeting, we create name tags for our attendees that include their company logo. We do this as sort of a built in ice breaker for attendees as it gives event the shyest p...
    Jo LeDuc
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  • Learnings from a new-ish TUG Coordinator

    Starting your own Tableau User Group can seem daunting, especially for those with no prior experience of organising events (never mind a Tableau User Group!).  The Tableau Community is known as being an enthusias...
    Kirstin Lyon
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  • Tableau Prep: Crane Demo

    Crane Scenario Forecast Demo (5-7 minutes) This is a basic, shorter demo meant to show off the main features and benefits of Tableau Prep in a real-world business scenario.   Scenario You work for a crane inspec...
    Jordan Scott
    created by Jordan Scott
  • TC18 Meeting in a Box

    Interested in sharing details about TC18 with your local community? This meeting in a box is for you.   Materials can be accessed here: TC18 Meeting in a Box - Google Drive   Let me know if you have any ...
    Jordan Scott
    created by Jordan Scott
  • United by Data story & lessons learned

    Hey everyone! Ann Jackson and I just wanted to share some of the things we found helpful for starting a local data+women group.   We found it very helpful to have a solid vision and a pretty detailed rollout plan...
    Lilach Manheim
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  • Has anyone partnered with a book publisher to get free books for door prizes?

    I'd like to get a book or two to give-away at our meetings. Does anyone work with a book publisher that does this?   Thanks!   Stephanie
  • Hyper Demo Workbooks

    Hi friends - I hope you're doing well.   If you're interested in showcasing Hyper at a future meeting, here is a link to two workbooks you can use.   Let me know if you have any questions! Jordan
    Jordan Scott
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  • #MadisonTUG Leadership Team Charter

    Hi Everyone -   Attached is our #MadisonTUG Leadership Team Charter that I shared on our 2017 Q3 call. I'm posting here so it is available if you missed that call or for new leaders.   The attached docume...
    Patrick McCormick
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  • TWB Auditor - data.accdb

    I have downloaded TWB auditor from the forums but none have the access database.  can you please provide a link to TWB Auditor - data.accdb?   Thanks<   Naga
    Naga Kota
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  • Jungle Book Dashboard Extension Demo

    This is a light-hearted example of a Custom UI widget created using the Extensions API. It showcases the ability for Extensions to do common tasks such as filtering but in new, interesting, and custom ways.   A...
    Aania Aslam
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  • The 40% Attendance Rule

    On Feb 13, 2018, the Charlotte Tableau User Group will have two Tableau Zen Masters speaking.  We're very excited, but as the organizer, I'm nervous that we're going to end up with a standing room only situation;...
    William Aubrey
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