• Viz for Social Good

    Hey all,   Is there any interest here in starting a local Viz for Social Good chapter? We don't have a chapter yet, and I would love to see us do something like this. We certainly have lots of great local non-pr...
    Gwen Beebe
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  • Looking for upcoming Portland Tableau User Group events?

    Updated events for the Portland Tableau User Group can be found here! https://usergroups.tableau.com/pdxtableauusergroup
    Ryan Callihan
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  • Need the groups help with my search for a new job

    Hello everyone, It was great meeting everyone at the last meeting in Portland. I've started looking for a new job and I'm asking for your help. I want to work in either Vancouver WA, Portland or the Greater Seattle ...
    John Thompson
    created by John Thompson
  • Google Analytics and Tableau

    HI, Does anyone here works with direct Google Analytics connections in Tableau? Thank you in advance.   Ady
    Aditi Bothra
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  • PDXTUG July 2019 meetup

    Hi all!  Our next PDXTUG meetup is July 17, 2019.  RSVP here to get it on your calendar and we're looking forward to seeing you there!
    Debbie Yu
    created by Debbie Yu
  • PDX TUG Kickoff Party - 4/11/2019

    Hello all!!  The PDX TUG is having a kickoff party on Thursday, April 11!  If you plan on attending, please go the page below:   PDX TUG 2019 Kickoff Party   Sign up here if you plan on attending...
    Debbie Yu
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  • Python or R Integration?

    Just got back from the conference and am feeling very inspired! I went to some sessions on Python and R, anyone else using these integrations much? I just got a free text sentiment analysis script going, lots more we ...
    James Boyle
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  • Tableau Certification

    Hello everyone,   I was wondering if I can get some advice on Tableau certification, pros and cons, how it's impacted your work, if training is only offered by Tableau or are their third party offers that someon...
    Chase Green
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  • Organizational pricing question

    This should be a quickie: I'm helping a client evaluate Tableau and it looks like hosted team pricing starts at $70/month minimum, for 1 Creator license, and then jumps up to $280/month if one wants to add up to 5 Ex...
    Allen Poole
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  • Tableau Training for Newbie User!

    Hey Tableau Portland   I'm really new to the software and looking to create an interactive mapping project within the next month. I would love to find someone to offer some paid *at a reasonable student price* ...
    Elise Cordle Kennedy
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  • new job opportunity

    Hi.  My name is Trisha Anderson and I work for US Bank in Gresham.  My team is new to Tabeau and I'm looking for a local resource with 3-5 years of experience to join my team on an exciting new project that ...
    Trisha Anderson
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  • New to the Vancouver - Portland area

    Hello everyone my name is John Thompson and I work at Ilani Resort as their new Financial Planning and Analysis Manager. I also have worked with Tableau desktop and Tableau online. Looking for to coming to the next ...
    John Thompson
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  • PTUG Meeting

    Was just wondering when is the next Portland TUG meeting?
    Mitchell Martin
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  • Options for Story Navigation

    In the upcoming meetup, would it be possible to discuss different options for editing the Story dashboard navigation.   I hate how large the default Story navigation is in Tableau.  I can shrink the height ...
    Jonathan Pape
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  • TC 2017

    Hi everyone,   Is anyone going to TC2017 in Vegas?  Last meet up there was discussion about a possibility of getting a group rate?
    Jimmy Mak
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  • Book Recommendations

    Hi, There were a few books mentioned at the last Portland, Oregon user group meeting about data visualization/analytics and Tableau. Did anyone catch the titles?   Thanks, Taylor Portland
    Taylor Pinsent
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  • July 18th TUG: Server Automation and Embedded Analytics

    Join us for this quarter's TUG! More info and registration here: Server Automation and Embedded Analytics Tickets, Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite
    Erica Strachan
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  • TUG March 21st: Election Analytics and Mathematics in Tableau

    We have our next TUG scheduled! RSVP here: Election Analytics and Mathematics in Tableau Tickets, Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 5:15 PM | Eventbrite
    Erica Strachan
    created by Erica Strachan
  • Follow up from December TUG

    Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the TUG last Tuesday and congrats to our Viz Contest Winners in Group 2, Dara and Justin's group! Check out their viz here: Tableau Public .   Attached is the pr...
    Erica Strachan
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  • TUG Mtg December 6th: Hands on with Data Visualization Best Practices

    Follow this link to RSVP: Hands on with Data Visualization Best Practices Tickets, Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 5:00 PM | EventbritePut your Viz Skills to the test for a good cause at the December Portland Tableau User Group m...
    Erica Strachan
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