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Northwest Arkansas

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Glad to see a number of you there yesterday at Ye-Yo's for our quarterly meeting.  During the meeting we touched on how to create custom regions, attached is the presentation and the data file to create custom regions.  I have included the Excel workbook for the example and a second tab to give you some additional practice with an additional sample.

NWA Tableau Community,


We had a great meeting on Monday and appreciate the attendance and participation.  I have attached the PPT from the meeting and will be attaching some workbooks from some of our presenters when they become available.  Key topics included:


  • Marty Moss presented data basics - Joins and Blends
    • What is a left, right, inner and outer join
    • How joins and blends differ
  • Steve Field with RSi presented some tips on maximizing your screen real estate when working with multi level hierarchies
  • Tyler Buttle presented and demonstrated on how to use parameters to provide different options to different users
  • Megan Putney presented 3 time saving tips covering:
    • How to pivot tables to save time (using a traditional Walmart item/store matrix)
    • Using dual axis charts, and making sure to synchronize the axis
    • Formatting numbers, and fields at the highest level
    • Custom number formatting


We are working on a date for June and will keep you posted.


All the best.


NWA Tableau Users,


We have secured the Bentonville Public Library for a usergroup meeting on Monday, May 8th from 3-4pm.  An agenda to follow in the next week.  If you have any topics for us to include, please be sure to reach out.


More good news to follow!

Marty, Megan, Ann, & Mike

Marty Moss

UDEMY course review

Posted by Marty Moss Nov 2, 2016

NWA TUG - I recently took up the offer on the NWA TUG discount for the UDEMY Tableau 10 starter course detailed in another post.  72 videos varying in 3-12 minutes in length.  About 7 hours of content.


I wanted to offer my perspective on my experience, for those interested.


I worked through 100% of the course content, downloaded all of the sample data and completed all of the practical examples and chapter quizzes. I have previously worked through some Tableau videos on their web site to selectively learn.  This course really closed some of the gaps that I had, and corrected some assumptions I had from my self teaching/experimenting.


This course did NOT cover some of the basics of the typical "grid" reporting that is a part of our business routine.


Key skills learned at a basic level include:

  • Working with time series, and why there are two different options to look at time periods
  • Joining, blending, and why each one is used (and the new Tableau 10 feature of Joining)
  • How Tableau aggregates data (still would like a couple of more examples)
  • Basic table calculations and basic calculated fields
  • Geographies, fixing errors, creating regions, and territory basics
  • Different visualization types (bar charts, scatter plots, area charts, histograms)
  • Dashboards and Stories
  • Clustering
  • Data preparation and Tableau data interpreter
  • Parameters


If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to reach out to contact me about my experience. 


Also a big thanks to Megan Putney for arranging such a great deal on this course.  $15.00 its a deal for a beginner.

October 18th -  Meeting Topic & Agenda:  Mapping Basics




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