Hi everyone,


Thank you to the 110+ people who attended the Tableau Healthcare User Group in Basingstoke yesterday (22nd March 2016); I have deliberately left out the UK bit of the User Group as we were incredibly lucky to have Jonas and Jonas not only attend from Denmark but also present their Tableau experience to the group. Feedback from the day has been incredibly positive and it's great to hear so many people left the day feeling inspired by the experience of others and energised to try new approaches and techniques in their use of Tableau (obviously helped by seeing the amazing viz in viz demonstration by Alex Ross!).


As promised the content from the user group will be shared with everyone who attended and those of you who couldn't but have taken the time to register for our online Tableau online community page.


The following content is attached to this blog:


- Agenda

- Viz : Where attendees came from and which organisations attended

- Slide deck : Paul Champkin - Tableau at Unilever

- Slide deck : Adrian Downing - Data Driven Organisation Readiness

- User engagement examples : Simon Beaumont - Release notes, User support events, Fabulous Friday example (celebtrating success and positive performance in Tableau)


The following content will be attached to an additional blog due to the number of attachments


- Viz : Competition entries, Marcela Janowska (winner) and then in no particular order Tom Dewar, Kerri O'Connell and Peter Wong.


The following content will be uploaded shortly:


- Slide deck : Jonas Eskildsen Sorenson - Tableau in Denmark (Region Midtjylland)

- Slide deck : Alex Ross - Tableau 9 through 9.3

- Slde deck : Helen Adams - Tableau in Wales


I am sure everyone who attended would join me in thanking Adrian (Concentra), Rory (Tableau) and all of their colleagues who helped make the day so enjoyable; I look forward to seeing many of you at Tableau On Tour in London on the 13th, 14th and 15th of June.