• Tableau Public Slack Channel

    Slack was brought up at yesterday's LV TUG; here's the link to the Tableau Public Slack channel, it's a good resource for quickly reaching out to the Tableau Community.   Blog: Did you hear the news? Tableau Pub...
    Corey Hermanson
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  • Is this group still active?

    The last activity was 2 years ago.
    Jeremy Dempsey
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  • Is the LasVegas User Group still active?

    I just moved to Las Vegas and I'm looking to connect with Data-minded people.  I'm a part-time Tableau admin at my company, and was hoping to continue learning from other Tableau users and admins.  Please le...
    Diane Lenox
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  • Tableau and BigQuery Errors

    So I'm trying to connect BQ with Tableau. I have a connection, but whenever I try to update the connection or use certain fields an error happens. I've reached out to Tableau support and this is what they said: "As yo...
    Anthony Hurtado
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  • Next meeting

    Hi all.  Any ideas when we will be meeting again??
    Ashley Hernandez-Hall
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  • RSVP for the next Las Vegas TUG meeting!

    Hello LVtug! Justin and I just confirmed our venue and we're all set to host the next TUG meeting. Please visit our Eventbrite page to get details and RSVP.   LVtug Las Vegas Tableau User Group Tickets, Tue, Jul...
    Rachelle Maisner
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  • Free Tableau Workshop at RedFlint

    Beginner's Tableau workshop at RedFlint on June 15th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Limited seating. For details and to register visit http://www.phoenix.edu/redflint/event/eventdetails.html?activityId=417
    Rachelle Maisner
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  • Follow LVtug on LinkedIn!

    Hello Las Vegas Tableau users! A new LinkedIn page has been created for the LVtug group to help promote our meetups. Please join us today and share with your network.   Click here:  LVtug group on LinkedIn
    Rachelle Maisner
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  • Anyone know of resource to create HR dashboard using Tableau?

    We are a local government contractor and I'm looking for someone to create an HR dashboard using Tableau and PeopleSoft.  We'll be creating a subcontract for this work, and any subcontractor will have to be a U.S...
    Shari Morrison
    created by Shari Morrison
  • New to Group-Any Upcoming Events?

    Hi, I am new to Tableau and this group. Would be interested in getting around some more experienced users to learn from.  Does this group have any periodic meetings or get together's?  Any local classes you ...
    Gib Knight
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  • TDWI Las Vegas?

    Just curious if anyone else was attending the TDWI World Conference in Las Vegas at the end of January/beginning of February?
    Mark Bradbourne
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  • Could anyone convert this to 9.0 instead of it being 9.1

    Hey guys!   Could anyone real quick help me convert this main file to open up in 9.0 instead of 9.1. We are having issues right now and cant publish to 9.1 for some reason. Also in the finished file, would anyon...
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  • Hey Guys! Do You Think this would be possible in Tableau?

    Hey Guys! I have looked at a couple projects you guys have done and I really hope to get on your level at some point! I am really starting to like Tableau. Do you guys think the image below would be possible to build ...
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  • Survey Data in Tableau

    Does anyone visualize survey data in Tableau?  I would love to discuss this and maybe go over reshaping in a meeting...wondering if there is interest. 
    Ashley Hernandez-Hall
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  • Opportunity in the Tableau COE at Wells Fargo Bank

    We have a wonderful opportunity in the Tableau Business Intelligence Competency Center at Wells Fargo!     Below is an Analytics Consultant 5 / Tableau Consultant position within Technology and Operations G...
    michael newbill
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  • Las Vegas Tableau 9.0 Launch event!

    Tableau 9.0 Las Vegas TUG Meeting- Eventbrite     Event Details    Tableau is excited to announce the launch of Tableau 9.0 in partnership with the Las Vegas User Group!  We will be hosting ...
  • Next Meeting?

    Hello Everyone,   I'm new to the group so please excuse my ignorance. Would anyone know when the next meeting will be? Is there a calendar that I should view?   Thanks!
    Hau Ngo
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  • Don't Forget to Register for TCC13 in DC

    Register here by July 26th to receive our Last Change Discount!
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